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How to Use LiveBooth with a Watch Folder

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by admin No Comments

Many photo booths have software that includes a watch folder. This is a folder where new photos get placed after they are taken and it enables the photo booth software to easily interact with other software. LiveBooth App has three primary ways it can access your photos. First we’ll discuss the option and then explain the best one for using LiveBooth with your photo booth’s watch folder.

What are the options?

LiveBooth allows you to select a photo source from your iPad if you go into the app’s settings. The options for a photo source are:

    1. Camera Roll
    2. Album
    3. Photo Stream

Photo Stream is the option that you would use to sync your LiveBooth App’s photos with a watch folder. Let’s take a quick look at all three though, and how they are different.

Camera roll is where new photos that your iPad takes appear. It is also where  the Eye-Fi app puts new photos that it receives from an Eye-Fi card.

Not many people will use the album feature, because albums really only change when you sync your iPad with iTunes.

Photo Stream is by far the most useful and flexible photo source, because your iPad will sync with nearby devices that are using photo stream on the same Apple iCloud account. This is automatic once you have Photo Stream set up on both devices. You can change your Apple iCloud account for the device by going under Settings, iPad.

When you choose Photo Stream, you’ll need to either leave the Album or Shared Stream Name field under app settings blank, type “My Photo Stream”, or if you decide to create a separate name then use that instead.

How do I get photos from the watch folder into the photo stream?

If your photos need to come from another iOS device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini, or Mac computer, then just set up iCloud on that device. Photo Stream is included with the operating system, which means there is no software to download. When the two devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, they will sync with each other. You can observe this on the iPad by opening your Photos and tapping Photo Stream, then My Photo Stream.

However, most photos booths run on PC’s, which means Photo Stream won’t be built into the operating system. It will require software to run that is available from Apple.

Visit this page and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up iCloud on your PC: