LiveBooth was an app I created for live event photographers and photo booths. I developed and maintained it for several years, but this year I committed full-time to Simple Booth and realized I can no longer continue working on it. Thank you to you everyone who downloaded and used the app. If you still need it, is is available on the App Store, but it is no longer actively being maintained. If you’re looking for world-class photo booth apps and hardware, I encourage you to check out!

Mark Hennings

LiveBooth Direct

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.56.06 PMLiveBooth Direct for Mac is a new helper application that lets you sync your photos over a Wi-Fi network to LiveBooth without using a cloud service such as Dropbox or iCloud. The application monitors a folder on your Mac computer and sends updates to all connected LiveBooth apps.

One scenario that LiveBooth Direct for Mac can be useful is to get photos from a tethered DSLR camera that is saving to a folder on your Mac to your LiveBooth app on iPad for a slideshow or to run as a sharing kiosk.

LiveBooth on iPad automatically connects to LiveBooth Direct for Mac and receives new photos or requests to remove photos. If you run multiple LiveBooth Direct for Mac applications you can choose which one to connect to in your LiveBooth app on iPad. All devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network in order to connect. Internet is not necessary to use LiveBooth Direct for Mac.

Download LiveBooth Direct for Mac v1.03*

*After downloading and double-clicking on the .app file, you may need to go to System Preferences, click Security & Privacy and choose “Open Anyway” to indicate that you trust the application to run.