LiveBooth was an app I created for live event photographers and photo booths. I developed and maintained it for several years, but this year I committed full-time to Simple Booth and realized I can no longer continue working on it. Thank you to you everyone who downloaded and used the app. If you still need it, is is available on the App Store, but it is no longer actively being maintained. If you’re looking for world-class photo booth apps and hardware, I encourage you to check out!

Mark Hennings

New features for LiveBooth 2.8.0

Posted on: November 13th, 2014 by admin No Comments

LiveBooth 2.8.0 comes with some great new features and a few hidden gems.

Slideshow Mode

Now when you press “launch” you can choose between Test, Kiosk or Slideshow mode to run LiveBooth in. The new Slideshow mode has its own settings panel that allows you to use the same photo source you already use for your kiosk! You can customize the speed, order and transition style.

Direct Photo Source

LiveBooth Direct is a new photo source we’ve introduced that works with the LiveBooth Direct for Mac application. If you have a Mac computer, you can use this application to select a folder to sync to LiveBooth. In LiveBooth, your Mac will appear as a photo source option when you set your photo source to Direct. As you add new photos to the folder or remove photos the changes will be updated in LiveBooth. It is called LiveBooth Direct because it sends photos directly over your Wi-Fi network without using a cloud service. This makes it extra speedy because, well, it’s direct! Multiple LiveBooth apps can receive photos from one LiveBooth Direct instance running.

Animated GIF’s

This is the first LiveBooth release that can display animated GIF’s! They work in the kiosk mode and of course the new slideshow mode, too. LiveBooth caches them and creates thumbnails so you can view them view size or in one of the smaller size modes quickly. GIF’s can be shared to Twitter or by email but not Facebook or printing in this release.

Updated for iOS 8 Photo Library

The iOS 8 photo library is all about syncing photos between your devices. That’s happy news for us. LiveBooth can use the new smart albums like Recently Added which compiles photos from all your devices as well as the My Photo Stream that was added back in as a album in iOS 8.1. The Camera Roll, Photo Streams and My Photo Stream photo sources have been consolidated into a single “Album” photo source which includes your albums and smart albums which is the new way iOS organizes photos.

Pre-select a printer

Now you can pre-select a printer before the event so that the guest does not see a dialog box when printing and cannot change the printer. If you do not select a printer, it will show the dialog box to the user as it did in previous updates.

Hidden gems

Now you can use HTML in your email body!

One subtle change in the area of printing is that a guest can no longer easily change the number of copies. For each copy they will have to press the print button again, which is intended to discourage excessive prints. This is true if you pre-select the printer or not.