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Photo Stream Troubleshooting Tips

Posted on: October 16th, 2013 by admin 1 Comment

Many of our customers rely on Photo Stream to sync photos at live events. Once you get it going, Photo Stream works great. It will keep going hard and strong for you when you need it to. The most common problems are when you are first setting up and trying to get it to start syncing. When this happens, there is usually a reason or at least simple steps to take to get it to start syncing. It is a good idea to have a strong grasp of how Photo Stream behaves so that you know what to do when the pressure is on. We’ve all had that experience of freaking out right before an event because of technical issues, right? Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen with Photo Stream!

1. Photo Stream doesn’t sync when your battery drops below 20%.

When you get that first low battery warning, the game is over. Make sure you charge your iPad(s) before the event, bring a charger just in case and maybe even a backup iPad.

2. My Photo Stream syncs across Wi-Fi.

A common misconception about Photo Stream is that everything first syncs to iCloud and then back to other devices. This is not true with the default My Photo Stream. Your devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network for My Photo Stream to sync.  This is actually a great benefit because it syncs fast without iCloud as the middleman. However, when you create a Shared Stream it will first sync to iCloud, then to other devices. I assume that the idea here is Shared Streams are more to share with other people so the photos needs to go to the cloud first to be shared. With My Photo Stream, it is more about the photos you take and your devices. Typically you should try to use My Photo Stream whenever possible because it does sync directly over Wi-Fi.

3. You need to be on the same iCloud account on all your devices with My Photo Stream and/or Photo Sharing enabled.

Go to your iPad’s Settings app, iCloud,  make sure to login to the same iCloud account you’ll be using on other devices, then tap Photos and turn on My Photo Stream and/or Photo Sharing.

4. Go directly to the source when troubleshooting: the Photos app.

The best place to go when troubleshooting Photo Stream is to open the iPad’s Photos app, go to Albums and open My Photo Stream (or, if you are using a Shared Stream then in the Photos app go to Shared and open the Shared Stream). Sometimes opening this album may even initiate syncing if it has not started yet. Your images should be appearing in this album, if they are not then opening LiveBooth Photo Share won’t change anything because it cannot read the images until they appear in the Photos app. Remember, Apple software manages your Photo Stream, so if new images aren’t showing up in LiveBooth Photo Share then opening other software by Apple is going to be more productive.

5. Disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-fi.

Reconnecting to Wi-fi can sometimes, when all else fails, make your My Photo Stream album start syncing.

6. Your Photo Source in LiveBooth Photo Share needs to be set correctly.

Let’s say you have confirmed that photos are syncing in the Photos app of your iPad. If this is the case (very good!) but the photos are not appearing in LiveBooth Photo Share then it is no longer a Photo Stream issue. You need to select the Photo Source under LiveBooth’s settings to be “Photo Stream” whether you are using a Shared Stream or the My Photo Stream album. Then if you are using My Photo Stream, the Album or Shared Stream Name should be completely blank (not even an accidental space) or exactly “My Photo Stream”. If you are using a Shared Stream, make sure to type the name exactly right with the same capitalization and spaces. If photos are still not appearing and you aren’t getting any alerts about the app not having access to your photos, then it is most likely a typo (try setting the Photo Source to Camera Roll, delete everything in the Album or Shared Stream Name field and then start over).