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Mark Hennings

Printing Tips

Posted on: December 15th, 2013 by admin 1 Comment

Use a Dye Sublimation or Professional Printer with LiveBooth

There is software available online that can make virtually any printer AirPrint compatible. It will require having a computer on your local area network (Wi-Fi) for which you can install the printer’s drivers on. Then you use the software and it allows AirPrint to access the printer.

The reason why this may be necessary if you are using a dye sublimation printer is because many of them are not made AirPrint compatible by the manufacturers and LiveBooth requires AirPrint to be able to print wirelessly.

Consider these options for making your professional printer AirPrint compatible:

Presto by Collobos Software (PC or Mac):

HandyPrint by Netputing (Mac):

Automatic Printing

One standard feature of traditional photo booths is to have automatic prints after each session. This is easy to do with third-party software when using LiveBooth, but before you decide to include it with your booth please consider the following:

  1. Many guests, when given the choice, prefer to email the photos to themselves or use a social media sharing option rather than print.
  2. By giving guests the choice instead of automatically printing, you will save on paper costs and ink.
  3. Digital options are more environmentally friendly than prints. Many guests will appreciate a “green” option and this may also appeal to corporate clients with green policies.

If you would like to set up automatic printing, you might consider these options that watch a hot folder and print the latest photos added to it:

Hotfolder Prints by Breeze Systems:

Hot Folder Print Utility by DNP (DNP printers only):


This blog article provides links to third-party print software for which LiveBooth is not responsible for, does not provide technical support for and does not offer any type of guarantee. By clicking the links and choosing to access third-party programs, you do so at your own risk!