LiveBooth was an app I created for live event photographers and photo booths. I developed and maintained it for several years, but this year I committed full-time to Simple Booth and realized I can no longer continue working on it. Thank you to you everyone who downloaded and used the app. If you still need it, is is available on the App Store, but it is no longer actively being maintained. If you’re looking for world-class photo booth apps and hardware, I encourage you to check out!

Mark Hennings

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Overlay Settings

The Overlay lets you place an image on top of your photos to brand them for your event. We recommend using a PNG with transparency that is the same pixel size as the images you will be taking at your event and setting the Position to “Fit to screen” to get the best results. When using “Fit to screen” it is important to at the very least make sure the proportion of your overlay image is the same as the images you will be taking because it will be stretched like a canvas across your image.

If you just want to do a quick Overlay with minimal thought, you can set a logo PNG as your overlay and set the Position to one of the corners. You may want to add some margin to your logo image and you should also make sure it is in the ballpark correct pixel size because LiveBooth will not shrink or enlarge your image for you.

The Overlay is applied to your original, raw images that you provide in your Photo Source. Then smaller cached images are generated.

For example, if you are taking 2560×1920 pixel images then a reasonable logo size to use as an overlay in the corner  would be 400×400 which would cover about 1/6 of the image.

You can specify an overlay image that will be applied when the image in question is landscape and another overlay image that will be applied when the image in question is portrait. This is useful when you have a roaming photographer who you would like to give the freedom to turn the camera vertical or horizontal when taking photos of event guests.

ss-overlayBy default, we provide a LiveBooth logo overlay with a white border to try out. If you encounter strange white borders on your photos then you have most likely turned on our Overlay and set the Position to something other than “Fit to screen” and did not notice.

There are two ways to provide your overlay image to LiveBooth. First, you can download it from a URL which will save it to memory and use it until you change it. Second, you can choose it from your iPad’s photos which will also save it to memory and use it until you change it. If you change the image at the URL location or in your iPad’s photos it will not affect the Overlay that LiveBooth has saved and is using to apply to images.

Note, that some free image hosting sites or cloud platforms will work as a host to download from if they actually provide you with a true URL to the image that ends with the file extension. Some services will appear to provide this but it is actually an HTML page that shows the image (Dropbox does this).