LiveBooth was an app I created for live event photographers and photo booths. I developed and maintained it for several years, but this year I committed full-time to Simple Booth and realized I can no longer continue working on it. Thank you to you everyone who downloaded and used the app. If you still need it, is is available on the App Store, but it is no longer actively being maintained. If you’re looking for world-class photo booth apps and hardware, I encourage you to check out!

Mark Hennings

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Resources and Tools

LiveBooth reads images from a Photo Source. It’s your job to get the images into that Photo Source. This can vary greatly depending on how you are taking or generating the images, whether it is from a DSLR, a laptop running photo booth software or another iPad app like our photo booth software app SimpleBooth.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools available to help you get photos from one place to another.

Here are some third-party tools that you should know about:

  • Automator comes installed on every Mac and can be used to create folder actions to import photos into iPhoto which can also mean importing them into My Photo Stream
  • Dropbox desktop application for PC and Mac lets you use your operating system’s folders and directories for syncing
  • iCloud Control Panel for Windows from Apple provides an upload folder on your PC that you can add new images to and will sync them for you
  • Dsynchronize is a freeware PC software that can copy new images into another directory
  • Eye-Fi cards can use Eye-Fi apps to save new images to Camera Roll or the Eye-Fi Center can add image to iPhoto for you or save into a directory that can be the same as your Dropbox syncing directory
  • Verizon MiFi Jetpack is a wireless Wi-Fi router than connects to the internet with 4G LTE that you can take with you anywhere
  • Shuttersnitch is an iPad app for photographers that can receive photos from a variety of sources and also save them to Camera Roll (and thus My Photo Stream) or Dropbox.

We do not provide support or endorse third-party software but encourage you to research the options and find what works best for you and your business.