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Mark Hennings

Upload photos to Facebook after an event

Posted on: July 22nd, 2014 by admin No Comments

Many social sharing apps offer the option to automatically upload images to your Facebook page as your guests take them. LiveBooth does not offer this feature and this is why: the problem with automatic uploading is that there is no way to moderate the images. An inappropriate image could be uploaded to your Facebook page for everyone to see and by the time you catch it the damage will be already done. Your guests might not even be aware that it is automatically uploading images to a public place, which could further complicate the potential problem.

The best way to upload photos from an event to Facebook is to upload all of them together to an album after the event is finished. This way you can moderate the images beforehand to make sure that they appropriately represent your brand. You can then get a link directly to this album and send it to your client and ask them to tag anyone they know in it or to post the link to their social media.

When using Dropbox as your Photo Source in LiveBooth this is very easy. If you have Dropbox installed and syncing to your laptop or desktop computer then the photos will already be there when the event is done. It’s just a matter of reviewing the photos that have been taken to ensure they are appropriate and then selecting them to upload to Facebook. If you do this after the event on a landline internet connection, you may also save yourself valuable bandwidth during the event by not uploading to a Facebook page in real-time.