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Using LiveBooth with a Laptop or PC

Posted on: May 6th, 2013 by admin 1 Comment

You can configure LiveBooth Photo Share to work with any photo booth software you currently have that uses a watch folder, whether it’s PC or Mac. That’s right, you don’t need an Eye-Fi card or multiple iOS devices for LiveBooth to work. In this article we’ll show you how to use just a laptop computer (PC) with your iPad that has LiveBooth downloaded.

Step 1: Install iCloud Control Panel for Windows

Download the software provided by Apple to use Photo Stream on your PC. It’s called the iCloud Control Panel for Windows.

Install it and then you’ll need to sign in with the same Apple ID you’re going to use on your iPad’s iCloud account, which you’ll set on your iPad in

In the iCloud Control Panel for Windows, make sure Photo Stream is checked.

Open the options for Photo Stream and make sure “My Photo Stream” is checked as well. It should be by default.



Now, most importantly, choose the folder you would like to sync with the iPad. For example, you might use a watch folder where new photos appear from your photo booth software.


Step 2: Set your iCloud account on the iPad

Go to your iPad’s device settings and tap on the iCloud icon. Set the account you would like to use which needs to be the same account used in Step 1. Then tap on the Photo Stream icon and turn on “My Photo Stream.”

My Photo Stream



Step 3: Set LiveBooth to Photo Stream for its Photo Source

In the settings for LiveBooth, change the Photo Source to “Photo Stream” and change the Album or Shared Stream Name (if applicable) to “My Photo Stream” or leave it completely blank for it to default to My Photo Stream.




That’s all! Wasn’t that easy? You are all set up to use LiveBooth Photo Share with your laptop computer!

PS. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and that your device has plenty of battery – you’re going to need it!